Ima Gonna get a real job...INIT!

 so as im sure some of you are aware I have gone for a little bit of a career change. I am currently in the process of becoming a Sports Lecturer, and boy has this been one of the tougher challenges of my life. Not because, of the academics or having to write at a masters level, or even having had a 3 year break from study. The big wake up call has been because of organisation. Now I honestly thought that I was organised, i would turn up to the gym with training plans ready to be given/ delivered and that was great. Teaching you need to a level of organisation which I like to refer to as "super organised". Super organised is best described as the never ending juggling act, that if you let one ball drop you have to get that other ball going without the other two dropping...a near enough impossible task. With this experience i can really begin to appreciate not just teachers as a whole but those with very limited time to train because of jobs such as these. Therefore, here are some tips for those who are desperate for results in the gym but have that juggling act.


The Art of Organisation

  1. Get a Diary - more common sense than anything else but make notes of where you have to be for what time. This will provide you with the structure of the day and you can begin to see patterns emerge in your weeks of where you have a free 30 minutes or hour.
  2. To Do list- The dreaded to do list. Prioritise this list with most important to least important. This will aid in managing stress also as you are not leaving the important deadlines to last minute. The more stress you the less likely you are to progress in the gym. Also, less sleep = more stress hormone > piss poor performance.
  3. Procrastination- You have the structure of the day/ week and now you have them all prioritised. Dont mess around now just get the work done. Set yourself some time away from everything to get the work set done. As soon as the work is done the sooner you can go to the gym for that all important 30 minutes or hour. 
  4. Don't Flap - This is the best advice I can give and does link to the 3. The more you flap about the amount of work you do and less time you actually spend chipping away at it the less likely you are to get it done! Don't start flapping like a headless chicken thinking "OMG, how am i going to do it all, OMG I cant do it". Next thing you know you have spent 3 hours and you are no further forward. Just keep your head screwed on, and continue being productive.

Four simple tips for you to consider, and to help maintaining an organised lifestyle, which will enable you to keep the gym in your life. 


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