Fueling for a Half Marathon/ Marathon

In Stafford its coming close to dooms day, the Stafford Half Marathon. Recently, I have been quiet with other bits of training and some changes occuring later on in 2015. However, I feel this is a crucial point in any half marathon/ marathon runners training or race. 

As we should all know, especially my clients should know, long distance running is fueled by the aerobic system which in turn is assisted by the use of carbohydrates AND FATS fueling these long distance efforts. During long training runs or the races themselves these two energy sources will be called upon during your race time therefore it is crucial in our preparation that a balance between the two is consumed. If any of the two are consumed in great amounts fatigue in one way or the other will be reached. Too many fats consumed, you will burn out when you reach the end of the race and at the higher intensity portions of the race. Equally fat is crucial to fuel those steady state lower intensity portions of the race, when all glycogen stores (carbohydrate stores) have been depleted. 

Personally, I look to consume 6-8 grams of carbohydrates per kilo of body weight and approximately 0.7 - 1 gram of fat per kilo of bodyweight three days prior to a long run or race. Its been none that the majority of my carbohydrates the night before have been covered by a few bulmers No 17's as well. Remember, the occassion itself is a celebration of all the hard work you have put months before, have fun with and reward yourselves those last three days...trust me your body needs it.



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