Coconut Oil the Tropical Inferno

Leading on from  eat fat to loose fat article we have taken the liberty to recommend a great source of SATURATED (please bare with me whilst I explain) fat which help reduce that stubborn belly fat. The source I am talking about is coconut oil particularly extra virgin coconut oil. 

First of all lets begin with what fat is. Fat is in an energy source, similar to that of protein and carbohydrates. However, fat is metabolised differenty breaking down into fatty acids. There are 3 different chains of fatty acids short, medium, long and fatty acids. All three have their own differences of where they are produced and broken down. However, the chain of fatty acid we want to pay attention to is the medium chain fatty acid. The medium chain fatty acid is not present in the body and must be consumed (coconut oil), once absorbed these medium chain fatty acids are sent to the liver. Once sent to the liver these medium chain fatty acids are used to generate energy, it is this generation of energy that causes your metabolism to speed up. 

In turn please dont go away from reading this that coconut oil will speed up your metabolism and you begin only eatting cocnut oil it doesn't work like that! All you need is 30 grams a day to go with your cooking. Not only will your food smell great, you will boost your metabolism, and it will also boost immune function! 



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