Busy Busy Busy

Hello everybody sorry about the lack of blogging. Training is going well, the 2 week before and after pictures have shown promising results where i have filled out a lot more on my chest and shoulders. Also im getting a hell of a lot stronger and quickly. The only problem im having is keeping on top of my nutrition, and that is simply due to a lack of organisation. So all in all training is going fantastically for me. I think what makes me happier is that all my clients training this past two weeks is starting to come together as well which i am so happy about. everybody seems to be making great progress and that goes to everyone PT or online clients. I will have another blog up today ready for you all. I will be going through another leg day but focusing on my hamstrings as i destroyed quads the other day. You will be glad that my legs have really responded well and are now to 24" which im really happy about :) 

so yeah stay tuned for the next installment later on today.

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