Under Active Thyroid

An under active thyroid is not usually serious and is combated through the use of hormone tablets to replace the hormones that the thyroid isnt making (thyroxine). A normal thyroid produces to hormone one called thyroxine (T4) and another called triiodothyronine (T3). In the cells the T4 is converted to T3. Its the T3, derived from the T4 or secreted as T3 from the thyroid gland, which is biologically active and influences the activity of all the cells and tissues of the body. what causes the thyroid to be under active is the fact that not enough thyroxine is produced (hypothyroidism).

The syptoms of hypothyroidism

  • Tiredness
  • being sensitive to cold
  • weight gain
  • constipation 
  • depression
  • muscle aches and weakness
  • muscle cramps
  • dry and scaly
  • brittle hair and nails
  • carpal tunnel syndrome

Anyone with an underactive thyroid should not be dettered from wanting to pursue a life in the fitness industry or prevent it from wanting to achieve that desired body. Sarah has proven this with her hard work and dedication, she has been on top her medication and has kept on top of her calorie controlled diet and exercise. Sarah has learnt how to control it so well she can even enjoy meals out and nights out with her friends. 


Sarahs routine has been comprised of taking part in very intermitent exercise such as interval training, circuit training and insanity. With regards to any cardiovascular training the after burn effect has been taken into great consideration, therefore sarah is burning more calories when sedentary. Also, in order to increase sarahs metabolism, more resistance training has been incorporated into her routine. this will increase her lean mass and will therefore increase her fat burning potential when she isn't at the gym. 

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Training Abs

Insanity Training

See how I got on at the insanity training day. It was a tough day. 

A Day in the Life of a Sports Masseur


A list of foods to help you pick your metabolism up and kick start it into fat burning mode. 7 foods listed and explained how they can help you burn fat or enhance hormones to assist with fat burning.


Protein predominantly used for building muscle and assisting repair, it can aid in burning fat. Protein has a greater thermogenic effect which is 20-30% compared to carbohydrates which is only 3-12%. These percentages inidicate the amount of calories that are needed in order for the protein to broken down. Therefore, be sure to have protein included in every meal consumed (little and often) in order to increase fat burning potential. 


Let the fat fight the fat! It appears the fat in fish enhances the efficiency of the hormone leptin. This is a key hormone that circulates in your blood stream like insulin, crucial for weight management. Leptin regulates your food intake, when leptin is detected, cells in the brain signal other parts of the nervous system to turn down your apetite and turn up your metbaolism. Also, the consumption of fish will boost your intake of Omega-3 which provides support for a healthy heart, brain, nervous system, and weight management. 


Your digestive contains between 10 trillion to 100 trillion bacteria, the friendly bacteria being called Probiotics. With the presence of more unfriendly bacteria research has suggested these unfriendly bacteria get more calories from their food, therefore pack on more fat. Manipulating, these bacteria by diet or supplements is a way to reduce body fat. Cosuming more prebiotics has shown to enhance the growth of certain healthy microbes. With the ingestion of these healthy microbes less calories will be digested. Resulting in, fewer calories being digested meaning fewer calories are stored as fat. 


Olive oil high in monosaturated fats increases the activity of Uncoupling proteins. Uncoupling proteins which controls the process of nonshivering thermogenesis which releases heat influencing energy expenditure. Research suggests diets that contain olive oil, such as mediterranean-style diet are associated with weight maintenance and little weight gain over time in comparison to diets that contain no olive oil.


The natural chemicals in green tea called catechins in combination with caffeine aid fat burning. Studies have shown that catechins increase the effects of thermogenesis (production of heat). 


Milk a key fat burning tool in anyones arsenal for fighting fat. Milks high calcium content turns off a key obesity gene, helping your fat metabolism run smoothly. Milk is also the primary source of whey protein, protein as previously discussed assisting in fat burning also. This whey protein source also helps limit the turnover of calories into fat storage by the liver. 

Chilli Peppers

Chilli peppers contain a compound called capsaicin, which shows to have a thermogenic effect (increasing metabolism). However, capsaicin has shown to have other great effects such as reducing insulin levels, and increases energy expenditure which can lead to further weight loss.  

1RM Squat at 77kg body weight

Tested 1RM on the Squat yesterday and it was awesome!!! take a look at the video below to see how i got on squatting 145kg :) at LS Fitness, stafford.

1 RM (rep max) Deadlift

What a Lift at LS Fitness Stafford! I have been battling with this lift for as long as i can remember and today WITH NO STRAPS just Patrick Harveys (deadlifting world record holder) chalk. I nailed 165kg!!! Finally! just in 8 weeks time when i test the RM again i will wear more appropiate trousers so i don't waste energy flicking the bar up.


Similar warm up protocol to that of the bench press. However, i spent longer finding my rep max on this as i seemed to be smashing my raw records all over the place.

1 RM (rep max) Bench Press

Not a strong area for myself however, im still happy with how the lift went but there is ALOT of work that needs to be done. Still working to the goal of competing in mens physique i will also be competing in powerlifting as well. These little goals and targets are important to maintain focus and so that i have always got little building blocks to work from. 

Before attempting the 1RM i used the following warm up protocol 

1 x 15 just the bar

1 x 10 40kg

1 x 5 60kg 

1x 1RM

An area i will be covering over these 8 weeks is explosive power so to get past that sticking point which crept up at the begining of the lift. All in all though very good day and happy with where i have come from.

Why to have personal training with Bensons Personal Training

Busy Busy Busy

Hello everybody sorry about the lack of blogging. Training is going well, the 2 week before and after pictures have shown promising results where i have filled out a lot more on my chest and shoulders. Also im getting a hell of a lot stronger and quickly. The only problem im having is keeping on top of my nutrition, and that is simply due to a lack of organisation. So all in all training is going fantastically for me. I think what makes me happier is that all my clients training this past two weeks is starting to come together as well which i am so happy about. everybody seems to be making great progress and that goes to everyone PT or online clients. I will have another blog up today ready for you all. I will be going through another leg day but focusing on my hamstrings as i destroyed quads the other day. You will be glad that my legs have really responded well and are now to 24" which im really happy about :) 

so yeah stay tuned for the next installment later on today.