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A Talent or A Pay Off?

Now, before I divulge into what may seem a massive ego trip, the past two years I have been able to go against the grain of traditional marathon/ half marathon training and have managed to get some respectable times. The 1st year was when I completed the 2015 stafford half marathon in 1 hour 31 mins, with my maximum end distance ran being 8 miles and then this year I managed 1 hour 30 minutes, with the maximum distance being ran is 6 miles...Go Figure!?! So, not only having completed it in that 90 minute window I was able to knock a minute off last years, if i said i didn't prepare that would be a lie, true I did not prepare traditionally but we do forget that I am an individual who is not new to this game (not an expert) and have a degree of training maturity. Therefore, I have done running long enough (at least since the age of 14) that I have an adequate level of fitness to draw upon. I knew leading up to the event I had last years half marathon, and two marathons under my belt, one of which was the stoke marathon (king of hill training). Also, making a concious effort to not use elevators and instead the stairs (as silly as it sounds) will help maintain that base level fitness, anything that raises the heart rate and leaves you a little breathless will help in maintaining this. That is two factors that can strongly contribute to the abnormal result, 1. training maturity and 2. trying to keep as active as possible whilst at work. 

This leaves the final factor of the 6 miles max running I completed/ managed to fit in. And it is a simple matter of variation in the running completed between continuous and interval training. More often than none the focus of the continuous runs were around the 3 mile mark focusing on a set tempo, looking at the 6 minute per mile pace mark. Regards any interval training, thanks to a client I used 1 mile sprints and half a mile active rest, one the best recommendations I have had and no doubt saved me come race day. Therefore, a lot of my preparation, despite being minmalistic was based around sustaining the fast tempo and working anaerobically for prolonged periods. 





LEGACY - something that comes from the past or a person of the past.

2015 is going great so far! everything I have set my self to do. I think this is un heard off with my track record. Question is what has bought this miraculous change on?


Those of you who know me well im very family orientated and cant wait for the day I can start my own family. One thing that I always remember is when my grandma told me about my dad and when he use to compete in judo tornaments. Apart from my grandma telling the stories fantastically (magical with words) I just remember thinking my dad is basically a super hero! And still till this day when i see my grandma I always ask about what dad was like when he was younger. This provokes the thought of what would be the stories that myself and Sarah can tell our children. So when i enter these events or carry out a set goal I do start to think what am I going to be remembered best for? what legacy do i leave behind? I know what i dont want to be remembered for, quitting, not living to my full potential, all talk no walk.


This thought of what my legacy is, has possibly only developed as I have been in a position where the future has been explored. As far as sporting performance and any goals I have set myself, the idea of what legacy I do leave behind has been a massive motivator for me to really go the extra mile. So before you set goals, or if you have set goals, just take sometime to think, what do you believe you will be remmebered for? what legacy will you leave behind? 



Winter Wonderland Workouts

Winter Running Tips with Dave Benson Personel Training

It is really cold outside, so cold the pavements are frozen over and i cant complete my run. Dont worry here are a few tips to help you combat this blizzard!

  1. Strengthen You Body Indoors - This is an opportune moment to get to the gym and into the weights area. Remember, cardiovascular training will help shift the weight but what keeps everything held together is the iron. 
  2. Wrap Up Warm - Determined to go out despite there being snow and ICE on the ground...i take my hat off to you...but remember to dress appropiately. Make sure you are wearing an appropiate hat as that is where majority of heat will be lost. Also, double up on the socks and wear a pair of leggings. From personal experience if im training in cooler environments im very concious about making sure im appropiately warm, so this means really layering up with thermals underneath, to avoid injury. 
  3. Change Your Feet - If you are still going to be running in snow and on other slipper surfaces you need to make sure you have appropiate footwear, otherwise you are asking to be starting news years injured. The appropiate for these type of conditions are trail running shoes. These specifically made shoes are ideal for all types of terrain giving the runner greater protection, support and traction coursing over off road terrains. 
  4. Harsh Realisation- Running outside when its frozen is dangerous and you will leave yourself open to injury. Try to avoid shiny surfaces, if you are to run over these you will leave yourself open to an array of injuries. And it is at that point you will be needing to see a good sports therapist due to the untold damage you shall have done. Out of all of these tips, this is my most strongly felt in the aid of injury prevention and if you must go outside to run, remain vigilant of ICE! Always look to run where it is CLEAR!