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LEGACY - something that comes from the past or a person of the past.

2015 is going great so far! everything I have set my self to do. I think this is un heard off with my track record. Question is what has bought this miraculous change on?


Those of you who know me well im very family orientated and cant wait for the day I can start my own family. One thing that I always remember is when my grandma told me about my dad and when he use to compete in judo tornaments. Apart from my grandma telling the stories fantastically (magical with words) I just remember thinking my dad is basically a super hero! And still till this day when i see my grandma I always ask about what dad was like when he was younger. This provokes the thought of what would be the stories that myself and Sarah can tell our children. So when i enter these events or carry out a set goal I do start to think what am I going to be remembered best for? what legacy do i leave behind? I know what i dont want to be remembered for, quitting, not living to my full potential, all talk no walk.


This thought of what my legacy is, has possibly only developed as I have been in a position where the future has been explored. As far as sporting performance and any goals I have set myself, the idea of what legacy I do leave behind has been a massive motivator for me to really go the extra mile. So before you set goals, or if you have set goals, just take sometime to think, what do you believe you will be remmebered for? what legacy will you leave behind? 



Arm attack

After yesterdays quick on slaught of legs and brutal chest session I woke tired and flat (yeah this happens to PTs as well). However, i felt this sensation get over ridden by a desire. The desire being i really did want to see the difference in these 12 weeks, and to really get myself back on track from where i left off before i started Bensons Sports Massages.

The training today is another double day arms by myself in the after noon and back  with training partner Zak Marshall at the local church, LS Fitness Stafford. The arm session was a quick blast today consisting of a quick warm up on the 2.5kg dumbbells, quickly followed by 15kg dumbbell bicep curls for 12 reps on each arm. This was followed by hammer rope curls on the cable machine still trying to go as heavy as possible for 3 sets of 12 reps, at this point the pump had really started to kick in. To finish biceps off 1 set 12 reps was completed on the arm curl machine which readied me for the final set. The final set included me taking the biceps to total muscular failiure and quickly followed by 6 negatives!......OOOOOOWWWWWW! BICEPS DONE! On ward to triceps. Still suffering from last nights battering i kept it simple and only did 3 sets of 12 reps on the arm extension machine and 3 sets of 12 reps on over head tricep extensions. Even though i was only doing 2 exercises (i know the triceps should be trained harder than biceps because they three heads) i ensured each rep maintained a strong contraction through out the exercise and an adequate stretch was experienced.

2 days in and im feeling positive and up beat with how i am conquering forward with my training and enjoying every minute. I will keep you up to date with tonights back session at 9pm tonight so tuned.

URGH Legs!!!

So here is the first of many blogs over the course of the next 12 weeks. The purpose of this blog/diary is to just give you an idea of how i train my self and most importantly keep myself motivated. Coming in to the 4th week of Bensons Sports Massages being opened at LS Fitness, everything has been a bit hectic getting everything organised. However, everything has fallen into place and business is booming, which leaves me to get back onto training. What better way to start back with training legs!!!

The sesion was kept really simple this morning, a standard Multiple set approach just to get back into the groove of things.


Barbell Squats 2 x warm up sets 60kg 2 x 12 reps

Barbell Squats 1 x 10 reps 80kg

Barbell Squats 1 x 5 reps 100kg

Notes: each time i train squats i make sure i get a FULL ROM and this involves me going down as far as possible. NO HALF REPS! bad points about today was the fact i felt myself giving away to the weight on 100kg, this means more strengthening work and really honing in on the technique of the squat particularly on the lighter high rep weight.

Barbell stiff leg deadlifts 2 x warm up sets 60kg 2 x 12

Barbell stiff leg deadlifts 1 x 12 reps 80kg

Barbell stiff leg deadlifts 1 x 8 reps 100kg

Lying leg curl 1 x 15 reps 30kg

lying leg curl 2 x 10 reps 45 kg

leg extension 1 x 15 reps 56 kg

leg extension 1 x 15 reps 77kg

leg extension 1 x 12 reps 98kg

Workout complete. This is a remarkably basic leg workout just to get back into the swing of things and find my feet again after a three week lay off from training. I kept the speed of the movements steady and controlled, and incomparison to past training sessions have kept the weight very light so not injure myself. Relatively happy with how todays first sessions went. Now its time to rest and get fed ready for round two with my training partner Zak Marshall.