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2015 so far!




As   we near to the middle of the year, it comes aparrent 1. ive been quiet 2. a lot has changed 3. big things are still yet to happen. So starting 2015 i had set myself the goal of getting back into my judo and i have done, for the past 6 months i have been training judo on and off and im not far off my first competition in 4 years!!! training for judo has brought on its own changes. Im so very close to weighing my old fighting weight (dubious about if i will be fighting in that weight come the weigh in), and my abs are popping through everywhere! So from doing bodybuilding and weighhing up to 13 stone and being able to squat, what would seem to be the earth to some people, to now currently weighing 68/69kg (10 stone 10/11lbs) im now back to looking like what i did when i begun at LS Fitness (LS Health Club).

The interesting idea behind all of this, is that i have done a complete circle in the past 3 years. As im sure some of you are aware my time at LS health club is quickly coming to end as i embark on a new journey to university (dont panic you can still purchase plans and get hold of me) which is a change i did not see coming. Interestingly enough i feel these past 6 months i feel i have grown and matured with a decision to go into lecturing and even with my return to judo. I guess what im trying to say is that 2015 has been a year of realisation and im not 19 years old any more where i can train judo specifically 8 times a week and whatever other training on top. as i have gotten older, desirables have changed and I need to find a balance of training, business (work) and relationship which I believe to have found within these 6 months. 

As I have written this i understand it has been a bit wishy washy and all over the place. However, through these next weeks of blogging and keeping you posted on what training and diet i have done for my judo and yes how i have lost all the weight. But also about not just striving to get fit, be body beautiful but kind of looking at just striking balances, which i feel is something i can appreciate more now these past 6 months. 



Protein Pancakes

Protein Pancakes


  • 3 medium eggs
  • 3 scoops of whey protein
  • Plain Flour (mixed until a paste was created)
  • Milk (mixed until a thin batter was created)

Makes 8 small pan sized pancakes


  • Wisk the eggs until completely broken down.
  • Mix Plain flour and eggs until a paste is created (use less flour this way, less carbohydrates)
  • Mix Milk into the paste until a thin batter is created (Milk adds more protein)
  • Add your three scoops of whey protein and mix into your batter.
  • Leave to stand in the fridge.
  • Using a small pan (3-4") pre-heat the pan with a dash of cooking oil.
  • Leave to warm up for 5-10 minutes.
  • Pour mixture into pan and evenly distribute.
  • Enjoy and Grow!!

Dave Benson Protein Pancakes

The Youtube Channel

Take a look at mynew youtube channel. The channel will include a lot of my training for mens physique, including some technical videos covering over technique for exercises and about my training strategy and nutrition. All my videos will be based at the wonderful gym of LS Fitness, Stafford, Staffordshire. This will give everyone a great insight to my training and day to day life as well as my blog on the website. Tune into the channel David Benson. 

Arm attack

After yesterdays quick on slaught of legs and brutal chest session I woke tired and flat (yeah this happens to PTs as well). However, i felt this sensation get over ridden by a desire. The desire being i really did want to see the difference in these 12 weeks, and to really get myself back on track from where i left off before i started Bensons Sports Massages.

The training today is another double day arms by myself in the after noon and back  with training partner Zak Marshall at the local church, LS Fitness Stafford. The arm session was a quick blast today consisting of a quick warm up on the 2.5kg dumbbells, quickly followed by 15kg dumbbell bicep curls for 12 reps on each arm. This was followed by hammer rope curls on the cable machine still trying to go as heavy as possible for 3 sets of 12 reps, at this point the pump had really started to kick in. To finish biceps off 1 set 12 reps was completed on the arm curl machine which readied me for the final set. The final set included me taking the biceps to total muscular failiure and quickly followed by 6 negatives!......OOOOOOWWWWWW! BICEPS DONE! On ward to triceps. Still suffering from last nights battering i kept it simple and only did 3 sets of 12 reps on the arm extension machine and 3 sets of 12 reps on over head tricep extensions. Even though i was only doing 2 exercises (i know the triceps should be trained harder than biceps because they three heads) i ensured each rep maintained a strong contraction through out the exercise and an adequate stretch was experienced.

2 days in and im feeling positive and up beat with how i am conquering forward with my training and enjoying every minute. I will keep you up to date with tonights back session at 9pm tonight so tuned.