Blog posts of '2015' 'May'

I was ready to pick the easy option

The great transformation of 2015 refers to not just the physical adaptations and the fact I look more aesthetically pleasing, lost weight, but also the mental transformation.

See when you get back into a sport like judo, people will say well you need to possess these qualities and need to be able to do this. Next thing you know you have a list the size of yourself and you are on your way out the door because you just don’t have the time and you are looking for the easy option.

I was ready to pick the easy option !

It would have been easy for me to say you know what its been 4 years since I have done judo, I’m past my prime, lets stick with the body building because I can work that around my clients and its much easier for me to do from a time constraint perspective.

"I will just take this time out now to say body building is not an easy sport by any stretch of the imagination. The degree of organisation that actually goes into trying to bulk or cut is for nominal. My experiences of bodybuilding are what I believe have helped with my come back to judo."

But I couldn't ignore that something was pulling me back to it, the more I watched on youtube, and spoke to my dad and others about my potential the more attracted to come back I was and I was adamant to have one last stab at establishing a decent competitive career. Come early October 2014 I applied the fuck it principle and I was back training. Obviously, this after a few diminishing attempts early on in 2014 and raging to everyone OMG OMG I’m back at judo. The difference now instead of gobbing about it all the time I apply a much more conservative approach about it and tell those who ask.

Time to Challange Myself

As we resume training some old habits and training regimes have to broken down and got rid of (this has been a challenge in it self). Instead of having to do a 3 day/ 4 day/ 5 day split of different muscle groups I needed to be incorporating more cardiovascular training, muscular endurance training and power work. However, habits die hard but I needed to get a grip and realise if I’m actually going to give my judo the best chance I had to change my approach and mindset to training.

A look inside my own Training Schedule

This a rough outline of what an average training week is at the moment. Obviously a few sessions here and there have been missed. Also, on the Tuesday evening there will be another judo session added in. However, the commitment to the change has had to be there in order to get back into competitive shape and most importantly back into my weight class (urgh!)


2015 so far!




As   we near to the middle of the year, it comes aparrent 1. ive been quiet 2. a lot has changed 3. big things are still yet to happen. So starting 2015 i had set myself the goal of getting back into my judo and i have done, for the past 6 months i have been training judo on and off and im not far off my first competition in 4 years!!! training for judo has brought on its own changes. Im so very close to weighing my old fighting weight (dubious about if i will be fighting in that weight come the weigh in), and my abs are popping through everywhere! So from doing bodybuilding and weighhing up to 13 stone and being able to squat, what would seem to be the earth to some people, to now currently weighing 68/69kg (10 stone 10/11lbs) im now back to looking like what i did when i begun at LS Fitness (LS Health Club).

The interesting idea behind all of this, is that i have done a complete circle in the past 3 years. As im sure some of you are aware my time at LS health club is quickly coming to end as i embark on a new journey to university (dont panic you can still purchase plans and get hold of me) which is a change i did not see coming. Interestingly enough i feel these past 6 months i feel i have grown and matured with a decision to go into lecturing and even with my return to judo. I guess what im trying to say is that 2015 has been a year of realisation and im not 19 years old any more where i can train judo specifically 8 times a week and whatever other training on top. as i have gotten older, desirables have changed and I need to find a balance of training, business (work) and relationship which I believe to have found within these 6 months. 

As I have written this i understand it has been a bit wishy washy and all over the place. However, through these next weeks of blogging and keeping you posted on what training and diet i have done for my judo and yes how i have lost all the weight. But also about not just striving to get fit, be body beautiful but kind of looking at just striking balances, which i feel is something i can appreciate more now these past 6 months.