Blog posts of '2014' 'June'

1RM Squat at 77kg body weight

Tested 1RM on the Squat yesterday and it was awesome!!! take a look at the video below to see how i got on squatting 145kg :) at LS Fitness, stafford.

1 RM (rep max) Deadlift

What a Lift at LS Fitness Stafford! I have been battling with this lift for as long as i can remember and today WITH NO STRAPS just Patrick Harveys (deadlifting world record holder) chalk. I nailed 165kg!!! Finally! just in 8 weeks time when i test the RM again i will wear more appropiate trousers so i don't waste energy flicking the bar up.


Similar warm up protocol to that of the bench press. However, i spent longer finding my rep max on this as i seemed to be smashing my raw records all over the place.

1 RM (rep max) Bench Press

Not a strong area for myself however, im still happy with how the lift went but there is ALOT of work that needs to be done. Still working to the goal of competing in mens physique i will also be competing in powerlifting as well. These little goals and targets are important to maintain focus and so that i have always got little building blocks to work from. 

Before attempting the 1RM i used the following warm up protocol 

1 x 15 just the bar

1 x 10 40kg

1 x 5 60kg 

1x 1RM

An area i will be covering over these 8 weeks is explosive power so to get past that sticking point which crept up at the begining of the lift. All in all though very good day and happy with where i have come from.