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Busy Busy Busy

Hello everybody sorry about the lack of blogging. Training is going well, the 2 week before and after pictures have shown promising results where i have filled out a lot more on my chest and shoulders. Also im getting a hell of a lot stronger and quickly. The only problem im having is keeping on top of my nutrition, and that is simply due to a lack of organisation. So all in all training is going fantastically for me. I think what makes me happier is that all my clients training this past two weeks is starting to come together as well which i am so happy about. everybody seems to be making great progress and that goes to everyone PT or online clients. I will have another blog up today ready for you all. I will be going through another leg day but focusing on my hamstrings as i destroyed quads the other day. You will be glad that my legs have really responded well and are now to 24" which im really happy about :) 

so yeah stay tuned for the next installment later on today.

The delayed BEFORE pictures

Hey everyone, sorry about the not so daily blog. Its been a very busy few days with work, training, bank holidays, and getting the diet cracked!!! The diet is organised and prepped to an inch of its life, never have i been so organised with something like this. Currently, working with 300g of carbs, anything more i found last time i put on a lot of fat, as i was keeping the cardio to a minimal. The protein im working to a 1.5g per lb of bodyweight which works out to be 258g of protein and the fats im really letting my animal fats take care of that. Also making sure to be drinking at least 4-5 litres of water a day. So we will see in 12 weeks time whether or not i have made the right decisions and i will just alter accordingly as i go along based on appearance.

However, judging by my before picture it looks strongly that i will not be competing this year (not saying i wont, im just in that bad condition). To me it looked liked something off the biggest loser, it was horrendous. How have i let myself get to this state? what the hell has gone on? Great thing i took the picture then, got in from work and mum had prepared a beautiful meal of beans, sausages, and CHIPS. I said calmly "cheers mum but i cant have the chips or the beans sorry, im gonna microwave some sweat potato". So last nights meal still not the best with the saturated fat sausages, but had turned into a much leaner bulkling alternative with sweet potato and peas. The game really is on now, that before picture taunts and i do not dare look at it again until another 2 weeks times.

A clearer view of the plan now is to bulk for these next 3 months, then I am practice cutting/ cutting for competition 16 weeks prior to November 8th and we will just see what condition i come out in to whether or ot i do step on stage this year. So stay tuned and do keep looking for new blog posts i will be back on it this week.