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Sports Massage For Marathon Runners

Benefits of Sports Massage

  • It helps to decrease the recovery time between training sessions especially after longer runs.
  • Helps to identify areas of tightness by compensations when training. 
  • It decreases the likelihood of injuries due to the repetitive nature of running. 
  • Helps to maintain flexibility and pliability of muscles allowing them to function effectively. 
  • Maintains the condition of the actual muscle tissue as it encourages the re-organisation the muscle architecture by returning the muscle to its normal length. 
  • Decreases the amount of stiffness experienced after an increase in mileage. 
  • Releases muscle tension and restores balance to the musculoskeletal system. 

All of these key benefits are essential for any marathon runner beginner, intermediate, advanced looking to enhance their performance. Also, if the marathon runner is looking to take up marathon running over a long term period, sports massage will aid in preventing injuries due to the shortening of muscles and reduced pliability of the muscle. 

Bensons Sports Massage.