Blog posts of '2014' 'January'

Back to the Mat

As Im sure most of you are aware I said i was going to compete in Mens Physique this year. Training had gone well I had put on fantastic size in a short space of time and I will was getting considerably stronger. However, there was a void, something didn't feel quite right, almost like I knew I had done something wrong and dreading the telling off. Coming from judo and more cardio based training I started to miss that competiveness, granted in Mens Physique im competing but it just didn't and i knew would feel the same. I craved and missed the physical wearing down of the opposition and psychological battles fought 4-6 weeks out of competing either in judo or long distance running. 

3 weeks ago tomorrow I had an old coach of mine comment to my father about how much of a shame it was that i had just given up due to my hernia/groin problems I have had in the past. The words potential and talent were thrown in to the mix, and after dwelling on those words with my girl friend and father, it got me thinking. The very next day at work I came across a customer looking to join the gym and he had previously mentioned his judo experience, which lead to a endless discussion and myself reminiscing about my judo days. It is these two events that have sprung me to get back on to the mat and show everyone what I have got.

Follow me, as I will be keeping a log of all my training at LS Fitness, Stafford Judo Club, and Walsall Judo Club. I will also be keeping a track of my diet and will give you all an insight into my nutrition for dieting down, competition prep, before and after training. Watch as I unveil something that could be very special. 

Massage Training

I have had a great time training in sports massage this weekend. I have learnt so much and enjoyed every minute. I cant wait to start practicing at LS Fitness making sure my technique for back, neck, calf and hamstring. I cant wait for the end of February where I get to expand my knowledge and explore more areas of the body.

Welcome to the website

Welcome to the official website of David Benson Personal Training and Sports Massage. This website will link you in directly with the latest packages and offers available. Also, stay tuned for the latest training entries and keep up to date with my training also. There will be regular training tips and nutritional advice available on the site as well.