A Talent or A Pay Off?

Now, before I divulge into what may seem a massive ego trip, the past two years I have been able to go against the grain of traditional marathon/ half marathon training and have managed to get some respectable times. The 1st year was when I completed the 2015 stafford half marathon in 1 hour 31 mins, with my maximum end distance ran being 8 miles and then this year I managed 1 hour 30 minutes, with the maximum distance being ran is 6 miles...Go Figure!?! So, not only having completed it in that 90 minute window I was able to knock a minute off last years time...now, if i said i didn't prepare that would be a lie, true I did not prepare traditionally but we do forget that I am an individual who is not new to this game (not an expert) and have a degree of training maturity. Therefore, I have done running long enough (at least since the age of 14) that I have an adequate level of fitness to draw upon. I knew leading up to the event I had last years half marathon, and two marathons under my belt, one of which was the stoke marathon (king of hill training). Also, making a concious effort to not use elevators and instead the stairs (as silly as it sounds) will help maintain that base level fitness, anything that raises the heart rate and leaves you a little breathless will help in maintaining this. That is two factors that can strongly contribute to the abnormal result, 1. training maturity and 2. trying to keep as active as possible whilst at work. 

This leaves the final factor of the 6 miles max running I completed/ managed to fit in. And it is a simple matter of variation in the running completed between continuous and interval training. More often than none the focus of the continuous runs were around the 3 mile mark focusing on a set tempo, looking at the 6 minute per mile pace mark. Regards any interval training, thanks to a client I used 1 mile sprints and half a mile active rest, one the best recommendations I have had and no doubt saved me come race day. Therefore, a lot of my preparation, despite being minmalistic was based around sustaining the fast tempo and working anaerobically for prolonged periods. 



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