12 Week Transformation

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Bensons Personal Training, making sure visible results are achieved!

So you’ve started 2015 full of motivation and you have probably made a terrific start, signed up to a gym, eating healthier and getting more regular exercise. Bensons Personal Training and Sports Massages we salute you, it’s not easy so well done!

With this new found enthusiasm and love, for being healthier and fitter, you want to start to see some visible results. Seeking the services of a personal trainer to help with your diet and training can be a bit of a mind field. Who to trust? Will it make a difference? What’s the catch?  It a big decision, but making the right decision is imperative to your success in more ways than one!

Benson Personal Training is committed to each and every one of our clients and what better way to show you our commitment than the results themselves.

The proof is in the Measurements 

Over the next 12 weeks, I will share my progress in the Bensons Personal Training and Sports Massages Blog. I will be writing weekly updates with regards my training and nutrition and how this has changed my body in relation to week by week measurements and photos (no hiding).

Bensons Personal Training are results driven, not only will you look and feel better but also as part of the Benson PT experience you will  learn how to get to where you want to be and maintain the life style choice you have made.

For those interested in taking on this challenge along side me please email me on dave@bensonpersonaltrainer.co.uk

Week One -- The begining


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